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September is here so it's time to go back to school!

To celebrate this "rentrée" 2017, I suggest that each of you post something about his summer: photos of your favorite leisure, sport, hobby, an article about the latest French book you read, a review concerning this amazing restaurant you just tried, your opinion on this new band you were listening in your car, this trip you are planning to do next year, etc. I will myself post several photos and various articles to which I expect comments! ;-) By doing it, you will help this community to grow up!

I also invite you to regularly consult "Bahreïn in French" to keep you updated with the latest news and the many events we are going to offer from September to December 2017. Please note that we will open the season with the exceptional screening of "Dalida" on the 18th of September at the Novo Cinema (Muharraq).

And don't forget to use the chat, the new tool of this platform which allows you to talk with other members in real time!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.

I wish you a beautiful September and I hope to see you soon on "Bahreïn in French"!

Côté profs

Marine Gabana, enseignante de Français Langue Etrangère, chargée de mission éducative, linguistique et culturelle à l'Ambassade de France à Bahreïn et passionnée des TICE et autres petits gadgets !

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